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Collect acorns, beetles, flowers, leaves, and mushrooms to be the first to Brew 3 Potions in this fast-paced, fantasy card game for 2-4 players. 

2-4 Players | Ages 6+ | 15-20 minutes

Forage for Ingredients

Forage for ingredients

You and your fellow players are adorable little Saplings competing to be the first to Brew 3 Potions. Each Potion requires 3 ingredients, which you will collect from beneath the Tree or by stealing from other player's Stashes (hands).

Sapling Scramble Ingredient Lineup.png

Cause a Scramble

But watch out, there are Berrybombs hidden away in people's Stashes that will shake up the game! Keep Berrybombs hidden in your own Stashes to trap opposing players, or play them on your turn to gain information! 

Cause a Scramble
Sapling Scramble Ingredient Lineup.png
How to Play



Shuffle the Potion Cards and deal each player 3 cards face-up.

Potion Set-up.png

Shuffle the Ingredient cards and place the cards face-down in the center of the table. This deck will now be referred to as the Tree. Reveal 8 cards from the top of the Tree deck and lay them around the Tree.

Deal each player 2 cards. This is their Stash. All players now Flash their hands (reveal their cards to everyone at the table for 4 seconds), then play begins with the Sapling of the group (the youngest player).

*if the last card is taken from beneath the Tree, "Shake the Tree" (flip over 8 new cards then all players Flash their hands).

*if you have 0 cards in hand, take a card from beneath the Tree


on your turn
take 1 of 3 actions

ACTION 1 Steal from an opponent's Stash

Reach into an opponent's hand and take 1 of their cards. That player then reaches beneath the Tree and adds a card to their hand.

ACTION 2 Play a Berrybomb

Cause all other players to Flash their hands, then take a card from beneath the Tree.

ACTION 3 Brew a Potion

Discard the ingredients from your hand that matches 1 of your Potion Cards. Flip the Potion over, then select a random card from an opponent's hand to discard.

The first player to Brew 3 Potions wins the game!

Sapling Scramble Ingredient Lineup.png
Global Game Jam 2020

Global Game Jam 2021

This game is a continuation of our submission to the Global Game Jam in 2021. The theme for the jam was "hide-and-seek". It was this idea that inspired the mechanic of revealing your cards to all players, then hiding them away as players try to collect specific ingredients in a race to Brew Potions.


Take a look at the original submission of Sapling Scramble


Melania & Stephen

Cassandra & Jeff







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